Additive Uncertainty Consideration for Nonlinear and Multivariable Bioprocess Control


  • Cecilia Fernández Instituto de Ingeniería Química, Universidad Nacional de San Juan (UNSJ), CONICET, Av. Lib. San Martín Oeste 1109, San Juan J5400ARL.
  • Nadia Pantano
  • Leandro Rodriguez
  • Gustavo Scaglia


Estimation, Linear algebra, Nonlinear tracking control, Uncertainty., estimation, linear algebra, nonlinear control, uncertainty


Biological processes are becoming more frequent nowadays due to the wide variety of products obtained from them and their possibility of making environmentally friendly some processes while high standard products are obtained. Nevertheless, controlling them has many difficulties due to their complex dynamic (multivariable and highly nonlinear systems) subject to modeling uncertainties and external disturbances presence. In this paper, two possibilities of improvement for a previously presented technique are proposed. In the first one, an approach based on the error estimation using Newton’s backward interpolation is included in the design equations to decrease the uncertainties effect; while in the second one, some tracking error integrators are added in the control action calculation. Both alternatives are tested under different conditions and compared with each other and the original technique to show the improvement.


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