The Cloud Dynamic Impact on the Voltage and Power Flow of Photovoltaic Generators


  • Criciele Castro Martins Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
  • Mauricio Sperandio
  • Daniel Welfer


cloud, photovoltaic, QSTS


In order for electricity distribution networks to benefit from the insertion of distributed generators, it must be carefully evaluated. Considering the insertion of photovoltaic systems, the variation of solar irradiance and the continuous movement of the clouds can produce variations of difficult predictability in the voltage levels and the generated energy flow. This work aims to present a methodology that proposes to classify data of solar irradiance according to the processing of images of the satellite GOES-13 (available in periods of 30 minutes), where they have information regarding the classification of the different types of clouds. In comparison to the image processing results, real measured data of a photovoltaic system are used, to evaluate the influence of the shading and thus, to classify the measured data. Therefore, it is investigated how different types of shading affect the production of energy by means of photovoltaic generators and the consequent impact on the distribution networks of electric energy. For electrical simulations, the Open Distribution System Simulator software is used, and case studies are evaluated in 5-minute periods.


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