Improved Indoor 3D Localization using LoRa Wireless Communication



Internet of Things (IoT), Trilateration, LPWAN


New communication technologies are being developed for the Internet of Things (IoT), such as the wireless long distance and low power networks (LPWAN). The LoRa (Long Range) protocol, a wireless communication technology for long-range applications, is a type of LPWAN that has been recently widely used. The 3D localization and tracking of objects using LPWAN is a hotspot in IoT applications. In spite of many methods for improving the accuracy of 3D localization using traditional wireless communication such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Bluetooth, a few of them are available for long-range applications. In this way, this paper presents an improved 3D localization system based on LoRa communication and altimeter for indoor applications. The method uses the traditional trilateration technique with the signal strength indicator (RSSI) together with experimental update of parameters for improving the localization accuracy. Experimental tests were done in two indoor scenarios shown a significant improvement of up to 80%, with a maximum confident interval (95%) of 0,121m, in the 3D localization accuracy, in addition to better results than related papers in the literature.


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Author Biographies

José Antonio Micheletti , São Paulo State University (Unesp)

José Antonio Micheletti received the B.Eng. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Engineering College of Sorocaba (SP) - FACENS (1987) and the M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at São Paulo State University (Unesp) in 2021. Currently he is a professor at Paula Souza Center of São Paulo (CPS) in Sorocaba (SP-Brazil). His research interests include automation, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

Eduardo Paciencia Godoy, São Paulo State University (Unesp)

Eduardo Paciencia Godoy received the B.Eng. degree in Control and Automation Engineering at Itajubá Federal University (MG-Brazil) in 2003 and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering at University of São Paulo (SP-Brazil) in 2007 and 2011. Currently he is an Associate Professor of the São Paulo State University (Unesp) (SP-Brazil). His research interests include automation and networked systems, wireless networks and telemetry, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.


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