Telemonitoring system of blood pressure and body temperature through Neural Networks and LPWAN


  • Juan Quintanar-Gómez Student


Telemonitoring, LPWAN, Blood Pressure, Sphygmomanometer, Neural Network


This paper shows the development of a device for the monitoring of women vital signs during their pregnancy or people who needs monitoring his vital signs in ambulatory conditions, focused on the measurement of blood pressure, heart rate and temperature. The electronic system is designed for blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature measurement through a piezoresistive pressure transducer connected to the analog input of the microcontroller and an infrared sensor communicated through I2C serial communication. The algorithm for the blood pressure measurement uses a neural network which acquires the diastolic and systolic pressure using the Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP). The information obtained for the device is transmitted to the cloud services through a Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) to a database in order to visualize the clinical history through web services, providing the medical personnel information about the patient condition.


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