Seismic Noise Analysis with Low-Cost Variable Gain Recorder



microcontroller, seismic noise, seismic recorder, variable gain amplifier


This article presents the design and implementation of a low-cost, three component recorder with variable gain for seismic noise applications. The system is based on a configurable gain amplifier and a microcontroller for the acquisition and storage of information. In addition, it has a GPS device and a real-time clock for time synchronization. The configuration of the parameters, sampling frequency, amplification gain and start time of the recording, is done by the user from a mobile application that also allows viewing the acquired data in real time. The experiments carried out consist of the intrinsic noise analysis of the equipment, the continuous recording of seismic noise and the comparison with a commercial equipment. The results of these experiments describe proper system operation and behavior similar to that of commercial equipment. Consequently, the implemented recorder is presented as a reliable, simple configuration and low-cost alternative for the acquisition of seismic data.


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