Revisiting the Analysis of Losses and Fuel Consumption in Synchronous Generating Units During the Production of Active and Reactive Energy


  • WALTER RAGNEV IFSP - Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de São Paulo
  • Jose Roberto Camacho
  • Igor Santos Peretta


Active and Reactive Power; Efficiency; Fuel Consumption; Generating Unit; Loss


This article analyzes the losses, efficiency and fuel consumption of the generating units during the process of producing active and reactive energy. It presents a proposal for tests to determine the losses of the generating units already installed in the plants, which was proven with the actual application in a hydroelectric generating unit and in a thermoelectric generating unit. The result obtained in the study is a general equation of losses in function of the simultaneous generation of active and reactive power that were determined through the variations of the armature and field currents and the terminal voltage of the generating unit, which can be represented by a three-dimensional graph showing total losses at all possible points of operation. Losses have a direct influence on the efficiency of each component of the generating unit, directly influencing fuel consumption at its point of operation. The study also showed the fuel consumption and loss curves of a real hydroelectric generating unit installed in Brazil. With the determination of efficiency at each point of operation, it allows determining a weighting factor based on the value of the active and reactive energy generated, culminating in the proposition of an index that reflects the total production cost of each generator for an entire power plant.


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