Forecasting Solar Power Output Generation: A Systematic Review with the Proknow C


  • Joylan Nunes Maciel Universidade Federal da Integração Latino-Americana (UNILA)
  • Oswaldo Hideo Ando Junior Federal University of Latin American Integration (UNILA)
  • Jorge Javier Giménez Ledesma


Solar Power Forecasting, Photovoltaic Output Prediction,, Solar Energy, Proknow-C, Bibliometric Analisys


 This paper presents a systematic review of the solar output power generation forecasting using the Proknow-C methodology for the development of a bibliographic portfolio which allows identifying the state of the art for use as a scientific reference and encouraging further research and development of new models. The execution of the process identified 292 papers relevant to the theme from the two important international scientific databases. The portfolio creation process and bibliometric analysis of the recognition of articles, authors, keywords, journals and review articles are described. The theme of this research is current and of interest in the international scientific community, however, in Brazil and Latin America few related researches were observed. The annual historical profile of publications has shown a growing number of recent research on the theme, which motivated the proposition of an adjustment to Proknow-C to create more concise repositories. This paper's contributions have an exploratory and descriptive meaning, which provides the state of the art in the solar power output generation forecasting for use as a theoretical framework in future researches in Latin America, and another methodological meaning that discusses the process using a case study


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