Dual Coordination for Bilateral Teleoperation of a Mobile Robot with Time Varying Delay



Bilateral teleoperation, force-velocity coordination, force feedback, mobile robot, time delay


This paper proposes a P+d like control scheme and calibration guidelines addressed to achieve stable dual coordination of force and motion in a bilateral teleoperation system of a mobile robot considering time-varying delays. Different from the state of the art, the proposed scheme achieves a dual coordination combining a relation of linear and nonlinear damping and force feedback gain depending on the human operator parameters and time delays. As a theoretical result, we get that the injected linear damping strongly depends on the time delay, the nonlinear damping compensates the Coriolis forces, while the convergence state depends on the human operator and environment force, but it is independent of the time delay. Finally, a robot teleoperation experiment is carried out to evaluate the performance of force and motion errors obtained in practice.


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