Detection of Bottlenecks in Hospital Processes from the XAVIA HIS System using Process Mining


  • Arturo Orellana García
  • Ilsen León Herrera
  • Carlos Dávila Lima


Bottlenecks, process mining, process model, healthcare, XAVIA HIS system


Sanitary services present various challenges, one of the problems that occur daily at hospitals are bottlenecks. This provokes anomalies and eventualities in the process flow, directly affecting the patient’s attention quality. The health organizations procure to apply a process management focusing and the usage of different technologies to improve their performance. The process mining is a technology for the process analysis, which possibilities to identify characteristics and issues associated with the execution of the process from information systems. The XAVIA HIS system of the UCI has the necessary characteristics to contribute to the identification of bottlenecks applying process mining. The current investigation had as objective to develop and incorporate an analysis view to identify bottlenecks from the XAVIA HIS system. For this was selected and personalized the Replay a log on Petri Net for Performance/Conformance technique on the system. The analysis view developed and incorporated to the system, will allow making an analysis of the sanitary institutions execution processes. It´s expected that the solution proposal benefits the professionals and patients of the hospital institutions, increasing that way the quality of the provided services.


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Orellana García, A., León Herrera, I., & Dávila Lima, C. (2019). Detection of Bottlenecks in Hospital Processes from the XAVIA HIS System using Process Mining. IEEE Latin America Transactions, 17(1), 18–25. Retrieved from

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