Hyperparameters Tuning of Faster R-CNN Deep Learning Transfer for Persistent Object Detection in Radar Images



Modelo de detección de objetos, hiperparámetros, sobreajuste, Faster R-CNN, objetos persistentes


In previous work, a methodology was proposed to obtain a sea surface object detection model based on the FasterR-CNN architecture using Sperry Marine commercial navigation radar images. Unfortunately, the percentage of recall using the validation dataset was 75.76% with a minimum score for true positives of 7% due to a network overfitting problem. In this research, the overfitting problem is solved by comparing three experiments. Each experiment consists of the combinations of different hyperparameters within the Faster RCNN architecture. The main hyperparameters modified to improve the performance of the model were weights initialization and the optimizer. The results finally achieved, show a significant improvement in relation to the previous work. The improved persistent object detection model shows a recall of 93.94% with a minimum score for true positives of 98%.


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Author Biographies

Rosa Gonzales-Martínez, Universidad de Piura

Rosa Gonzales-Martínez is a final year Ph.D. student in Engineering with mention in Automation,
Control and Process Optimization. Currently, she is a researcher in deep learning algorithms at the the Department of Mechanical-Electrical Engineering of the University of Piura, Peru. Has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Technology (2009) from the Carlos III University in Spain. She is a
Computer and Systems Engineer. 

Javier Machacuay, Universidad de Piura

Javier Machacuay is a last year Mechanical-Electrical Engineer student at the Universidad de
Piura. Currently, he is a researcher and developer of deep learning algorithms at the Electronics Laboratory of the university. He has experience in image processing and neural network programming aimed to solve agricultural and radar tasks.


Pedro Rotta, Universidad de Piura

Pedro Rotta is a researcher in artificial intelligence from the University of Piura. He obtained his degree of Electrical Mechanical Engineer at the University of Piura (2020). He has experience in artificial intelligence research and automatic control systems. His interests are: Deep Learning, Image Recognition,
Image detection, Robotics and automation.

César Chinguel, Universidad de Piura

César Chinguel has a doctorate in Industrial Engineering (1994) and a Master’s degree in MMF
(2006) from the University of Navarra in Spain. He is an Industrial Engineer from the University of Piura. He graduated in Automatic Control Systems from the Higher School of Industrial Engineers of San Sebastián, Spain (1987). He is currently a member of the Directorate of the Master and Doctorate Program in Engineering of the IME, Principal Professor of the Faculty of Engineering and founding member of the Institute of Family Sciences of the University of Piura, Peru. In 2015 he received the Medal of Naval Merit of Honor in the Degree of Knight of the Peruvian Navy for his contributions to naval technology for defense.


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