Statistical analysis of the influence of peoplemovement and antenna radiation pattern onsmall-scale fading



fading, hypothesis tests, second-order statistics


This paper presents a statistical analysis of small-scale fading on static propagation environment due to the movement of people between antennas. We also analyze the influence of the antenna radiation pattern on narrowband-channel statistics. For this, we use signal samples received by omnidirectional and directional microstrip antenna. We evaluate the adherence of measured data to classical distributions (Rayleigh, Rice, Nakagami, and Weibull) with three hypothesis tests: Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Cramer-von Mises, and Anderson-Darling. Measurements are performed with low-cost equipment and using software-defined radio apparatus. In order to evaluate the effect of temporal variation of the signal due to the movement of people, we calculate two second-order statistics: the level crossing rate and the average fade duration. Our results endorse the fact that the scatters' movement also contributes to Doppler effect, and emphasize the importance of hypothesis tests on distribution fitting to measured data.


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