A Competitive Analysis of BitTorrent-like Algorithms for Interactive Video-on-Demand Streaming over MANETs



streaming, bitTorrent, manet, Interactivity


This article carries out a competitive analysis between BitTorrent-like algorithms for interactive video-on-demand streaming over mobile ad hoc networks. To this end, we herein mainly delve into five recent proposals of this kind, and assess the operational download (DO) and the discontinuity-time (DT) performance metrics in different scenarios by means of simulations, considering two client interactivity profiles, two mobility models, and various network sizes. Although final results indicate that all five proposals may provide suitable system quality of service and client quality of experience in certain scenarios, the one named as BitTorrent Interactive Broadcast - Network is overall the most competitive one. For instance, compared to other literature proposals, it may provide optimizations of up to 106\% and 86\% at the DO and DT metrics, respectively, thus confirming its attractive performance.


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