A Methodology to Estimate the Energy Saving Potentials in Foundry Industries



Energy Efficiency, energy man, foundry industry, iso 50001, Energy Planning


This paper presents the development of tools for an energy management system to generate energy saving opportunities in a foundry company in Valle del Cauca, within the framework of the PEVI Industrial Evaluation Project, aimed at the small and medium industrial sector companies (SMEs) of Valle del Cauca, which, based on ISO 50001 standards that establish the requirements of an energy management system. With the objective of increasing efficiency in the processes that involve energy, an energy planning process is carried out, whose analysis and synthesis lead to the establishment of concrete and attainable goals, as well as to the proposal of various action plans regarding savings and rational usage of energy. As a result, it was possible to estimate the energy saving potentials for each level of production in the base period (One year), which total a total of 7728.28 kWh, implying a saving of USD $728. Not to mention that through the proposals generated, a new methodology for recording data related to the induction smelting area was established within the company, in addition to an annual saving of USD $ 3030 regarding the improvement of both the cooling system and of the preparation and loading of the raw material.


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