Evaluation of the Supportability and Electrical Performance of RTV Coatings Filled Carnauba Wax under Pollution Conditions



ATH, carnauba wax, coating, insulator, leakage current, pollution, silicone


This paper evaluates the performance of RTV silicone coatings filled carnauba wax and ATH. The coatings were applied to glass insulators and subjected to pollution tests. The insulators performance was evaluated through the application of disruptive discharges and applied voltage under fog with monitoring the leakage current. The experimental results showed the leakage current monitoring in the applied voltage under fog test in clean and polluted insulators indicated that the RTV silicone coatings filled carnauba wax improves the insulators performance under pollution conditions. The best results were achieved for coatings added with ATH and carnauba wax, indicated by the sample with the percentage composition of 75% RTV, 20% ATH and 5% carnauba wax.


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