Optimal Segmentation of Electrical Distribution Networks



Distributed Generation, Islanding, Microgrids, Renewable Energy Sources


New ways of generating electricity make possible decentralization of energy sources. This scenario of distributed generation allows efficient management of smaller electricity networks, so called microgrids. Additional advantages include a large reliability and the capability to provide a high quality of service. A strategy to design these microgrids consists on taking advantage of existing distribution network by sectoring the system into a set of microgrids with optimal autonomy. This paper presents a one-step methodology for the optimal design of microgrids based on the virtual segmentation of a distribution system. The proposed method focuses on the optimal allocation and sizing of the distributed generation together with the determination of the virtual cut-set lines to form an optimized set of microgrids. The design methodology was implemented on IEEE 119-bus system, and was also applied to Bella Italia distribution system, a real network located in Santa Fe province, Argentina.


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