Splitting Ventilator Valve Concept Used In The COVID-19 Treatment Through Additive Manufacturing Technique



automated valve, mechanical ventilator, pulmonary mechanical behavior


This work aims to offer for both healthcare providers and patients, better conditions when fighting the disease, addressing a splitting valve concept coupled to the mechanical ventilators in the most severe cases. The automated valve development with a monitoring and analysis system for pulmonary mechanics will stablish the database parameters of patients with COVID-19 and SARS, in order to assist the medical team in the treatment of diseases and the average evolution of the clinical condition of patients at an early stage, contributing to a reduction in the time of hospitalization and mortality. This information is saved on a database shared with other hospitals, allowing a search for matching patients with similar pulmonary mechanical behavior, in most severe cases when the patient needs mechanical ventilation, the availability of the nearest treatment is verified viewing immediate care. Regarding the mechanical ventilator device usage, the automated valve engaged to a human-machine interface from the system’s hardware allows the treatment of multiple patients in an individualized way. Pressure transducers and controllers of air flow continuously monitoring and maintain the adequate volume (6 ml/kg) and pressure and (10 cmH2O) to each patient under the same ventilator.

Author Biography

ALESSANDRO MARCIO HAKME HAKME DA SILVA, Sao Paulo State Faculty of Technology






Special Issue on Fighting against COVID-19
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