An IEEE 1451 Standard-based Plug-and-Play Architecture to Empower the Internet of Things



IoT, Plug-and-Play, IEEE 1451, MQTT


In this paper, we introduce a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution based on a Plug-and-Play (PnP) architecture, aiming to stimulate new paths set by the concept of the Smart Environment. In this sense, the IoT ecosystem is considered, and the layers are presented from the higher level of software to the lowest level of sensors/actuators. We extend the state of art solutions since our proposal features are transparent in both hardware and software domains, supporting the identification of sensors through an easy and intuitive tool responsible for creating and managing all resources and logic programming in an IoT environment. To show the main contributions of this research, we will introduce the architecture, adding the IEEE 1451 standard, based on well-defined message protocols. The contribution of this work encompasses all PnP levels in the IoT architecture, from the platform to the user interface, which are different from all approaches currently existent in state of the art. Moreover, a proof of concept is described at the end of this article.


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