Statistical Analysis of Solar Position Calculation Algorithms: SPA and Grena 1-5



Photovoltaic System, Solar tracker, solar position calculation algorithms, spa, grena


Photovoltaic systems have been explored as a solution to meet the growing demand for electricity from a clean and renewable source. To improve the performance of photovoltaic systems, a widely used alternative is the implementation of solar trackers. The strategy of sun-tracking most used in photovoltaic power plants with solar trackers applies algorithms to calculate the sun position. This work presents a statistical analysis of six solar position calculation algorithms: SPA and Grena 1-5. The algorithm with the lowest solar vector error was the SPA. Where 99\% of all samples have solar vector errors below 0.17°, and 99% of samples with zenith angle less than 90° have solar vector errors below 0,04°.


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