Fulcrum Coding Performance on Fog Computing Architecture



fulcrum code, fog computing, random lineal network coding, iot-cloud, microcasting


The proposed architecture defines an adaptation of the Fulcrum coding system towards a Fog computing architecture; the distributed coding scheme allows to adapt the coding density according to the complexity of each communication device in the network, which allows concentrating the system performance to those devices that allow a high complexity in the coding if they significantly affect the delay of the network. These changes allow eliminating redundant information in the network, thus shortening the system delay. Additionally, thanks to Fulcrum coding defining a code concatenation based on RLNC coding, it, therefore, allows the system to control the coding parameters from the application layer directly. The proposed architecture is an extension of the IoT-Cloud scheme, which allows establishing distributed performance, whose efficiency is controlled by a Fog-RLNC server and a series of Microcasting-type services.


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RIVERA, Y., gutierrez, I. ., & Marquez, J. (2021). Fulcrum Coding Performance on Fog Computing Architecture. IEEE Latin America Transactions, 18(11), 1966–1974. Retrieved from https://latamt.ieeer9.org/index.php/transactions/article/view/3950