A DEVS Based Methodological Framework for Reinforcement Learning Agent Training



support for training , RL agents, Reinforcement Learning, DEVS, AI-enabled systems, Artifi


Reinforcement Learning has become one of the fastest growing fields of artificial intelligence due to the successful application of its techniques into several domains. In this way, the integration of intelligent agents based on Reinforcement Learning into information systems is a current reality. However, the way in which they “learn” requires a simulation model of the process that must be controlled to obtain large volumes of risk-free information. In this work, a methodological framework to support the training of Reinforcement Learning agents using DEVS is proposed. This framework provides the steps and elements required to implement RL Agents with the purpose of accelerating the agent learning and reducing training costs. Also, it allows modeling the dynamics of complex systems in a modular and hierarchical way, favoring the reuse of simulation components, since it is based on DEVS formalims fundamentals.


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Author Biographies

Jorge Andres Palombarini, CIT - CONICET - UNVM / Facultad Regional Villa María - Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Jorge A. Palombarini received his PhD. in Information Systems Engineering from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional of Argentina (UTN-Argentina) in 2014. Current academic position includes Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Syntax and Semantic of Languages in the UTN, and Assistant Research Fellow of CONICET. He was a software developer in private sector institutions and auditor of information systems on Universidad Nacional de Villa María, Argentina (UNVM-Argentina). His current research interest includes Reinforcement learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive systems and Formal Frameworks for industrial process modeling and simulation.

Veronica Bogado, CIT - CONICET - UNVM / Facultad Regional Villa María - Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Verónica Bogado received a PhD degree in Engineering with Information Systems Engineering (2013) from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Santa Fe. She is currently working at the Department of Information Systems Engineering of the Facultad Regional Villa María, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional.
Her current research interests are related to software quality evaluation, software architecture design, and M\&S of complex systems, particularly DEVS formalism and its
application to software problems.


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