Space Vector Modulation for Three-Phase Multilevel Switched-Capacitor Inverter


  • Felipe Bovolini Grigoletto Universidade Federal do Pampa


Multilevel Inverters, , Pulse width modulation inverters, Switched capacitor circuits, Space vector pulse width modulation


Multilevel inverters received great attention by industry and academy in the last decades. This fact is due to their interesting advantages when compared to two-level topologies such as reduced output voltage distortion and reduced voltage over the power devices. The analysis and proposition of modulation strategies are very important for the proper operation of these converters. This paper proposes a Space Vector (SV) modulation strategy for three-phase multilevel switched capacitor inverters. The three nearest vectors are selected from a new proposed SV diagram in order to minimize the output voltage distortion. Furthermore, the dwell times are defined and the selected vectors are disposed in suitable switching sequences. Finally, simulation and experimental results are obtained to demonstrate the good performance and applicability of the proposed technique.


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