Fuzzy Logic Application in Multi-Period Performance Analysis of a SWTP



electric power generation, energy system optimization, fuzzy logic, multi-period criterion, small wastewater treatment plant


A preliminary study on artificial intelligence techniques applied to analyze a small wastewater treatment plant (WTP), which is installed at FEG-UNESP, using fuzzy logic to take advantage of biogas produced through wastewater treatment for electric power generation, where different wastewater flows during small plant dairy work were considered, is the goal for this work. This study began with sub-systems identification. After that, this information was used to elaborate on the problem formulation, and they were organized as fuzzy rules representation for small WTP, with multi-period characteristics. After all, the system is simulated with MATLAB®’s Fuzzy Logic Toolbox™, using the Mamdani algorithm. Only wastewater flow and gasometer output valve were considered for the first simulation. Biogas volume in the gasometer was included in a second one. The first results pointed to efficiency in this technology use, which uses verbal language to represent information from staff and makes it so easy. Based on this, it is possible to conclude that a supervisory and control system for the small wastewater treatment plant (SWTP) is fully feasible.


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