Influence on Short-circuit of Substation Grounding Grids by the Use of OPGW Cables


  • Renato Vale Oliveira Universidade Federal de São João del Rei


ground wires, grounding systems, OPGW, Short-Circuit Current


Optical Ground Wire are widely used on power systems. However, the usage of such cables during a transient request may lead to an unusual distribution of current along the grounding electrodes. Thus, it is interesting observe if these cables would cause decreased or increased of safety on the vicinity of substations. On the light of such possibility, this paper analyzes the influence of the use of such cables on the intensity of fault currents that flow through the interconnected substation ground grids. For the analysis a comparison between the conventional ground wires set and a system considering the presence of an OPGW are studied. For the modeling of these systems, an EMTPtype software is used as a computational tool for the generation of sensitivity analyzes. The results illustrate that the use of OPGW significantly reduces the grid currents of the interconnected substations. The studies with this thematic founding in literature approach the subject using only conventional ground wires.


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