Automatic Power Restoration in Distribution Systems Modeled Through Multiagent Systems


  • Gyan Flavio Angelo Martins Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná


Distribution System, Smart Grid, Network Restoration, Multiagent System


This paper proposes a restoration strategy based on Multiagent Systems to help in searching a solution to the restoration problem in Distribution Systems. The model addresses the sequential stages of energy restauration in order to define through the analysis of technical reports and operational guidelines the rules, actions, and operating environment of each agent. This model considers the application of a strategic plan for energy restoration with the possibility of load shedding, which addresses the mapping of out-of-service areas, the assessment of the supply capacity of each feeder and the maximization of loads restored through switching. The presented model is applied to a typical distribution network through simulations, the results show that the proposed model is capable of making decisions that aim to restore out of service loads without violating the physical considerations and operations imposed by the distribution system.


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