Optimization of Electricity Distribution in Latin America by Using Embedded Systems


  • Gonzalo Exequiel Alvarez CONICET
  • Juan Leonardo Sarli INGAR-CONICET


Transmission Constraints;, Mixed Integer Linear Programming;, Power System Scheduling;, Embedded Systems;, Interoperability;, Software Engineering;


The processes regarding to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity are gaining interest at global level, due to the constant trend in increasing consumption. Because of this, significant sums are allocated for investments to improve the efficiency of these processes. However, there are a significant number of companies which, by virtue of their small scale and the problems inherent in Latin American economies, have serious difficulties in obtaining several types of equipment necessary to improve their efficiency. In this context, this paper presents a methodology to operate optimally a small-scale electricity grid. To achieve this goal, two stages are organized; each has its own characteristics and hardware. The first is the resolution of a Master Problem, which solves the problem of committing generators and pre-dispatching loads through a PC. The second stage is the resolution of a Slave Problem, which is responsible for determining the most convenient form of transmission, advocating the maintenance of the system. In this stage the command and operation of the system are also organized; as a consequence, an Embedded System is used that allows the coordination of system actuators. In order to test the method, a system composed of 6 buses and 8 lines is resolved. The results indicate that this proposal operates in efficient times; this allows reducing investment costs due the implemented technology. The application of this methodology in small and medium networks will continue to increase, as the new sources of generation increase their participation in these electrical systems.


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Alvarez, G. E., & Sarli, J. L. (2020). Optimization of Electricity Distribution in Latin America by Using Embedded Systems: . IEEE Latin America Transactions, 18(2), 351–359. Retrieved from https://latamt.ieeer9.org/index.php/transactions/article/view/2948



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