Implementation of a Distributed Optimal Predictive Control in a Quadruple Tank System


  • Francisco Javier Pereyra-Pitta
  • Guillermo Valencia-Palomo Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo
  • Nohe Ramón Cazarez-Castro
  • Francisco Ronay López-Estrada
  • Brian Manuel González-Contreras


Predictive control, Distributed control


This paper presents the development of a distributed optimal model predictive control (DOMPC) applied to a quadruple tank system. The DOMPC is based in an optimal model predictive control (OMPC) approach. In order to distribute the control laws, the DOMPC divide the controller in s local controllers. The local controllers are communicated by a local area
network (LAN). For the control input calculation, it is assumed that this LAN introduces a delay of one sample. A Labview virtual instrument, that allows to implement and configure the DOMPC controller, is developed in order to apply the controller in a quadruple tank process. This virtual instrument uses an intuitive graphical interface to adjust the controller parameters and incorporates a simple but effective strategy to cope with information losses in the LAN. The development is a distributed scheme that has the benefit of coordinate the tasks from local controllers to achieve the global control objective. Finally, the results obtained are compared with a centrilized OMPC in order to evaluate its performance and its applicability.


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Pereyra-Pitta, F. J., Valencia-Palomo, G., Cazarez-Castro, N. R., López-Estrada, F. R., & González-Contreras, B. M. (2019). Implementation of a Distributed Optimal Predictive Control in a Quadruple Tank System. IEEE Latin America Transactions, 17(1), 135–146. Retrieved from