Self Calibrated Readout Frontend for Capacitive Biosensors

Interfaz electrónica que compensa las variaciones de fabricación del biosensor capacitivo


  • Guillermo Espinosa INAOE


Readout front end, self calibrated


In sensors, as in any other area, the fabrication process presents variations, and in order to minimize them a new frontend architecture, that does not need a reference sensor for calibration, is presented here. The proposed system works with a DC reference signal instead of an AC signal as most of the reported works. A readout system using the proposed architecture was designed in a 180nm CMOS technology for a particular capacitive microfluidic bio-sensor to detect E.Coli bacteria. The nominal sensor has a capacitance range that goes from 192 pF to 122 pF depending on the quantity of bacteria in it, that goes from 0 to 100,000 UFC/ml respectively


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