Neuro-Fuzzy Control Applied on a 2DOF Structure Using Electromagnetic Actuators


  • Joana Pereira Repinaldo
  • Edson Hideki Koroishi
  • Fabian Andres Lara-Molina Federal University of Technology - Paraná


Active vibration control, neuro-fuzzy control, electromagnetic actuators, parameter identification, vibrations


This paper proposes the parameter identification and the application of active vibration control technique within a structure of two degrees of freedom using electromagnetic actuators. In the identification of the unknown stiffness and damping coefficients, the heuristic optimization technique Differential Evolution was used. By identifying the system parameters, it was possible to design the controllers and together with the electromagnetic actuators applied on the active vibration control of the structure. The neuro-fuzzy control theory was used to reduce the amplitude of vibration of the structure when submitted to an impulsive force. Moreover, the Fuzzy controller was used for comparison purposes. The results that were obtained numerically and experimentally demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed neuro-fuzzy control.


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Pereira Repinaldo, J. ., Koroishi, E. H., & Lara-Molina, F. A. (2021). Neuro-Fuzzy Control Applied on a 2DOF Structure Using Electromagnetic Actuators. IEEE Latin America Transactions, 19(1), 75–82. Retrieved from