Dynamic Adaptive Protection based on IEC 61850


  • Vinicius V. Ferrari
  • Yona Lopes Universidade Federal Fluminense


Proteção Adaptativa, Automação, Redes Elétricas Inteligentes, IEC 61850


In electrical power systems, the overcurrent relays (ANSI/IEEE 50/51) are widely used for protection, and it is one of the main alternatives for identifying system faults.
In radial systems supplied by a single source, protection and selectivity can be achieved using the traditional techniques based in time-current curves coordination.
However, in a system with multiple sources and operational conditions, traditional techniques are not sufficient to obtain selectivity.
This paper presents an adaptative protection system based on IEC 61850, for adapting the protection to the power system changes.
The proposal aims to use a communication network to change the overcurrent settings according to the sources in operation.
Was performed a case study of an industrial system to evaluate the proposal. The system is composed of five independent power supplies, a utility and four cogeneration units
with different rated power, thus 15 combinations of sources are possible during islanding condition.
The results demonstrate that the proposal can provide the selectivity of the system in any operational condition.


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