A branch-and-cut algorithm for multi-depot inventory-routing problem with split deliveries


  • Thiago Andre Guimaraes Federal University of Parana


Vendor-managed inventory, multi-depot, split deliveries, branch-and-cut


In this paper we model and solve a multi-depot inventory-routing problem with split-deliveries (MDIRPSD). The problem emerges under the vendor-managed inventory systems paradigm, when deliveries are made from multiple depots and customers can be served several times over a same period. The MDIRPSD integrates supply and distribution decisions and has recently been proposed in the literature. We present a new mathematical formulation, taking into account inventory holding costs, and we also propose a new inventory policy. We have designed and implemented a new branch-and-cut that overcome the similar approach in the literature. Finally, we report comparative results between the two inventory policies considered.


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