valuation of Photovoltaic Microgeneration Systems Connected to Utility Network in Brazil Northeast


  • Adeon Cecilio Pinto Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco
  • Teodoro Gomes da Silva Filho
  • Eubis Pereira Machado


distributed generation, microgeneration, photovoltaic solar energy, smart grids


Today, Brazil is experiencing a real revolution in the electric sector. State incentives for diversification of the energy matrix and distributed generation (DG) are promoting the increasing insertion of energy alternative sources. In this scenario, photovoltaic solar energy is the most used source in small decentralized generation projects. On the other hand, there are uncertainties regarding the solar irradiance indices in Brazil, and grid-connected photovoltaic systems (GCPVS) are subject to various adverse conditions. This work has as purpose analyzing the generation data of several real GCPVS installed in the Petrolina city, this is situated in Brazil northeast. In this way, it is desired to evaluate the performance, to measure uncertainties, to detect possible negative effects, to identify the occurrence of phenomena to which photovoltaic systems are susceptible.


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