A Mathematical Modeling for the Energy Purchase Contracts Problem by Free Consumers


  • Fabricio Takigawa


energy environment, energy purchase contract, free consumer, fre contraction environment, Mixed Integer Linear Problem;


In Brazil, electricity consumers should contract energy through the local distribution utility until 1995. After that many laws and decrees have been sanctioned and have gradually allowed some consumers to freely negotiate energy contracts with any concessionaires, licensees, authorized or independent energy generators conected to the interconnected Brazilian grid. These free consumers must follow the criteria established by Law 9.074/95 and participate in the Free Contracting Environment (ACL), regulated by Decree 5.163/04, together with energy generators, traders, importers and exporters. In this environment it is possible to freely negotiate energy purchase contracts (energy volumes, deadlines, prices, flexibilization and financial guarantees). However, free consumers must have 100% of its energy contrated to avoid exposure to the short-term market and possible penalties, among others points. In this sense, the main objective of this work is to model the mathematical optimization problem for the energy purchase contracts by free consumer in the ACL, minimizing the energy cost to meet its demand.


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