Enhancing the Jikes RVM Adaptive Optimization System


  • Anderson Faustino
  • Adriano Ferrari Cardoso
  • Caio Henrique Segawa Tonetti


Jikes virtual machine, Adaptive optimization system, performance


An important component of modern virtual machines is the Adaptive Optimization System, which decides what methods to optimize and its level of optimization. In this context, this paper presents the development of a new Adaptive Optimization System of the Jikes virtual machine, which is able to obtain better performance over the traditional system. The results indicate that the proposal presented is capable of achieving 25% better average performance, at a cost of less than 10% of the total execution time.


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Faustino, A., Cardoso, A. F., & Tonetti, C. H. S. (2020). Enhancing the Jikes RVM Adaptive Optimization System. IEEE Latin America Transactions, 18(7), 1185–1192. Retrieved from https://latamt.ieeer9.org/index.php/transactions/article/view/170