Management of urban traffic flow based on traffic lights scheduling optimization



metaheuristics, optimization, simulation, traffic lights scheduling


The automobile has become an essential element in the daily life of people. In the urban traffic network, an intersection is the “bottleneck point” of road network capacity. In the cities there are zones that are the mainframe and the key factor which guarantees the normal operation of the city’s social and economic activities. The rapid increase in vehicles leads to serious traffic jam and causes the increment of vehicles’delay. Most cities of our country are traditional single control system or none. In this context, adequate programming of the traffic light cycles helps to reduce vehicles' waiting time and improve traffic flow. In this paper, we compare four metaheuristics in order to minimize vehicles' waiting time and maximize the velocity of vehicles in Posadas city Downtown. Analysis of experimental results shows that the proposed model optimizes the vehicular flow in a multiple-junction urban traffic network.


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Author Biographies

Pablo Javier Vidal, ITIC CONICET-UNCuyo

Pablo Javier Vidal received his degree of Dr. in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, in
2106, from Universidad de M´alaga, Spain. He is currently an adjunct professor at the Universidad
Nacional de Cuyo, Argentine. Currently is an Assistant Researcher at National Council of Scientifics
and Technological Researches from the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnolog´ıa de la Naci´on, Argentine.
He has experience in software engineering with an emphasis on automation and graphics processing
units research. His main research topics are parallel and distributed computing, evolutionary algorithms and metaheuristics and numerical modelling. ORCID: 0000-0001-6502-8010

Ana Carolina Olivera, ITIC-UNCuyo

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Ana Carolina Olivera is an Adjunct Researcher at National Council of Scientifics and Technological Researches (CONICET: ) from the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Nación. She is Associate Professor of Facultad de Ingeniería of Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (FING-UNCuyo and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Exact and Natural Sciences of Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral - Unidad Académica Caleta Olivia (UNPA-UACO ). She participates and coordinates several national and international projects.

Research Interests

  • Bio-Inspired Algorithms
  • Metaheuristics
  • Optimization
  • Traffic and Transit Urban Problems
  • Urban Quality Air
  • Smart Cities
  • Graphics Processing Unit
  • Parallel Processing
  • Bioinformatics



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